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AvanC - Employment Law Lawyer Rotterdam



AvanC Employment Law distinguishes itself by its energetic approach. It has to, because for many employment law issues there is a matter of urgency. Together with the client a path is determined and whether AvanC provides ‘prompts’ in the background or comes to the fore. A determining factor herein is the best case scenario for the client, as estimated by AvanC based on expertise.

AvanC acts for companies, works councils and private individuals. The clients are based all around the Netherlands and are represented in various sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry, electrical engineering, trade, telecommunication, catering industry, financial, oil and gas, harbour, transport and insurance sector.

AvanC also provides long term advice to companies, for instance on sickness policies or handling employees that are not performing at an optimum level. AvanC also provides in-house courses during which employment law subjects are discussed with the aid of practical examples.

AvanC works with the most up-to-date knowhow systems, in order that we remain informed on any relevant employment law developments.

When necessary or desirable AvanC will engage its network of business relationships, for example tax specialists or financial advisors. For any issues with an international character AvanC can always engage its network of law firms abroad.


Work done by AvanC will be charged based on an hourly rate which is agreed with the client beforehand. Monthly invoices will be issued which include a specification of the work carried out.

Besides the hourly rate, AvanC charges the disbursements (court fees, bailiff fees, etc.) and VAT to the client.

General terms and conditions

AvanC is a private limited liability company. Any work of AvanC is carried out on the basis of a contract for services. To this contract our general terms and conditions apply, which can be found on our website.